Creepy as Hell

I wanted to try and think of a good tie into my new writing genre this week.  I have written two books thus far, the first one was a straight old fashioned murder-mystery and the second was more of a thriller.  My third book is rooted in the paranormal, with a side of thriller (at least that is the plan so far).  I wasn’t sure what topic I would type about for this new weekly foray into blogging until I watched what was on my DVR.  As you would image, my tastes in TV and movies, given the nature in which I write about, tend to include the same themes as my books.  That being said, one show in my rotation is Bates Motel on AMC.  That last episode spurred this week’s blog post.

I waited a full week before I used this reference in case someone still had it on their DVR, but the last episode of Bates Motel was, as the heading states, creepy as hell.  Those eyes!  If you haven’t seen it, sorry, but if you don’t watch it, look it up on YouTube or something.  The show follows young Norman Bates and well, oops, we did something that killed mommy last week.  So what does the little wacko do?  He digs her up and brings her home.  Well he fully expected her to wake up, but when she didn’t he – in a oh no he’s not kind of a moment – super glued her eyes open.  There was mommy, with her fixed milky eyed stare.  Insert shiver here.  After I finished weirding out at the moment I thought how cool of a moment it was to have.  As a writer, that would be such a fantastic moment to write.  Having a reader get that in their head from your words would be amazing.

The creepy factor is something that I would like to start incorporating more into my stories.  I am trying to venture out into more of that type of writing.  That moment was so cool, and yet not, but in a really cool way!  Taking something that is so visual and trying to put words to it is a great exercise I think for a writer.  Trying to recreate an image with mere words, to paint that visual for someone is a task.  I try to find a moment like that and try to image writing it.  These little exercises help expand a writer’s talent I think.  Heck, it may even inspire a passage in the next work.  That milky-eyed death stare is certainly something that will worm its way into a story of mine.

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